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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scallops so fresh they taste like the sea

And what does the sea taste like? WATER!!! OMG, these were so disappointing. We bought them from the nice, little old lady at the fish store, Tom cooked them perfectly, but they were totally devoid of flavor. Here they are, with their roe:

We googled around and Jamie Oliver said you can cook them and eat them with the roe, so Tom did. The roe was a slightly different texture, but had the same flavor, i.e. not much.

Here's our Valentine's table. The haricots verts (green beans) were delicious, as was the bread, of course. Oh, and the champagne, "Malard" was wonderful.

After dinner, we went out. We decided before we got here that we wanted to become regulars somewhere over the next week. We want that look of recognition when we walk in the door. On Sunday night, we went to a wine bar called Chez Julien. 3.50 Euro glass of wine at the bar, looking good. Last night, I wanted to try somewhere else, figuring we still had time to become regulars. The Cafe Bruant was perfectly fine, but didn't feel like us, so off we went to Chez Julien. There was a different staff tonight, but this will definitely be our place - we like it. Lots of locals and last night's bartender was playing the Beatles, the Doors, Hendrix, etc. Very lively, very casual atmosphere.

When we got home, we had a Kir Royale with our dessert. This is from that same frozen food store from the other day; we had to thaw it in the fridge for a few hours. We're still not quite sure what was in it, but it was SO good. Shaped like an apple, inside there was ice cream, a buttery cookie on the bottom, fruit sorbet, and the apple "stem" was made of a piece of vanilla bean. Just good. All in all, a fabulous Valentine's Day!!

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