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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A bientôt!

See you soon! That's what the owner (or at least the guy who works there A LOT) said to us when we left Chez Julien last night. And Tom got a handshake. I do believe we have achieved "regular" status!

We got home late last night...er...this morning.

By the way, after wine and a busy day, that was REALLY funny last night. Not having a 24-hr clock at home, we found the 0:11 HI-larious.

We got to Chez Julien around 11:00, not having eaten dinner. Thankfully, they were still serving their charcuterie et fromage (meat & cheese, but doesn't "charcuterie" sound better than "meat"?) platter. It was very rustic - no quince paste here - and very good.

Last night's main event was a one-man show called "How to Become Parisian in an Hour." It's performed in English, lasts a little over an hour, and was very funny. No one was spared: French, Americans, Africans, Germans, Spanish - all the best - and worst - stereotypes.

The big January sales are finally over! Tom kept reminding me whenever I pressed my nose against a window, but I'm not a big shopper and don't need anything.

OK, so let me be wild & crazy, and continue working backwards on yesterday. It was so relaxed! We spent a couple hours in the late afternoon in a cafe, writing postcards.

Since we knew we'd be having dinner/snacks out, we did take-out for lunch.

This is my sandwich of country ham, mozzarella, and tomatoes.

Tom was hungrier. That's a bacon & leek quiche along with what was called "Bruschetta Maxi" - all kinds of grilled veggies. That was our favorite.

In the morning, we went to the Musee de la Vie Romantique. I loved the warmth of this room, especially because it was drizzly and cold outside.

We loved this portrait of George Sand.

This is a bust of Ernest Renan, a frequent visitor to the Sand household. His daughter ended up inheriting the house. He looked so happy and jolly.

And finally, this was Tom's breakfast - rhubarb is one of his favorites!

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, we are completely up to date! I think I am getting the hang of this blogging thing. ;-) For those who have left comments or emailed, thanks, we're so glad you're enjoying the blog.


  1. The meat and cheese board looks great. I am intrigued by the bread used in your sandwich. Could you tell what it was?

  2. Arthur - it was a regular, dense country bread, with poppy seeds and shaped like a triangle. I had never seen (or noticed) poppy seeds in France before. It was very good.